Best Practices in Internal Communications and Culture Conference

Engage your workforce, build a culture that withstands change and crisis,
and prove the ROI of employee communications

March 7-8, 2018 • WEBCAST

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Presented by: Ragan PR Daily

Keeping your workforce united is more important than ever. To show how internal communications drives business goals, you must stay ahead of the latest trends.

This conference will show you how to keep employees engaged and build a culture that withstands any upheaval. Revamp outdated channels, break into new platforms, improve executive communications and show the ROI of your work.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to adapt your strategies and keep morale high during organizational changes
  • The role of strong leadership communications in shaping a great workplace culture
  • How to use employee feedback to engage a dispersed and diverse workforce
  • Creative tactics to improve the ROI of ineffective communications channels

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Top 4 benefits of attending the webcast:

  • Attend this immensely popular conference from the convenience of your desk: No travel concerns, hotels or extra costs associated with attending the event live.
  • Watch with your entire team.
  • Access to On-Demand video after the event: Webcast attendees get access for 6 months to all sessions and handouts from the event.
  • The ability to ask questions: This isn’t a passive experience. You and your team have the opportunity to ask questions, which can be relayed to speakers presenting at the event.


We will be webcasting this conference live.
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Here are a few key takeaways you’ll bring back:

  • Audit your communications, cut out the clutter and develop a stronger strategy
  • Create internal videos that tell engaging, emotionally compelling stories
  • Increase engagement on your intranet using innovative grassroots techniques
  • Adapt to organizational changes and communicate them with clarity and empathy
  • Use executive communications to build a culture rooted in your brand’s mission and values
  • Create content that reaches employees of all ages, locations and backgrounds
  • Plan internal events that inspire employees and deliver a high ROI

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