Peter Young

Manager—San Jose State University/360/VR News Storytelling Project


Peter Young is manager of the 360/Virtual Reality News Storytelling Project at San José State University. He is a professor of new media technologies, with additional specialties in big data, cybersecurity and business communications strategy development. Young is an experienced journalist, veteran and administrator who has worked in computers since 1969 and on the internet beginning in 1973 on UCLA’s ARPANet node (the very first internet site). He went on to manage the western portion of MILNet (the first spinoff of ARPANet for the military) and served as the community manager for Apple’s eWorld. His accomplishments include leading small teams that created such websites as,, and Because of his extensive business and international work, Young was appointed as a U.S. Fulbright Scholar and Chief of Party and assigned to the U.S. Embassy in Minsk, Belarus in 2007-08. He continues to work with incubator programs throughout Europe and the United States in designing new media communications strategies for use by startups.