Wednesday, April 25

9–11 a.m.

Corporate content in the brand journalism age: From story promoter to storyteller

With the ratio of PR pros to journalists at more than four to one—and widening—corporate communicators can no longer rely on journalists to package and deliver their organization’s stories. Outstanding corporate content doesn’t happen by magic. It’s based on solid reporting, insightful interviews and relevant details that make a story come alive. Too often, internal and external communicators are stuck in their cubes, writing stories from email memos and PowerPoint decks. Leave your desk to find the story—and learn the best ways to adapt your writing to multiple formats and channels.

You’ll learn:

  • How to reach audiences more effectively by crafting content that is less about you and more about them
  • Ways to avoid the press release graveyard by publishing real stories—in multiple formats—on your own news platform
  • Decide the best channels for your stories and where they should be published first
  • How to tear down silos and collaborate with your colleagues in marketing and internal communications
  • Writing and coverage secrets based on finding the emotional center of every story, regardless of topic
Media relations and crisis communications expert
Ragan Consulting Group
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11 a.m.–12:15 p.m.


12:15–2:15 p.m.

How to elevate your writing skills to create stellar content

Compelling content requires an outstanding story and excellent writing, which can be a tall order when it comes to also fulfilling corporate content goals and objectives. However, crafting text that internal and external stakeholders actually want to read is possible with the right framework. Armed with writing skills, data and tools to help perfect and distribute your creations, PR communicators of all stripes can take advantage of the adage, “The pen is mightier than the sword.” Learn the secrets necessary to making your next press release, internal memo, newsletter or contributed article shines.

You’ll learn:

  • Tips for identifying and building stories that resonate with audiences of all types
  • How to research and outline your ideas and information for a streamlined writing process
  • Writing mistakes to avoid
  • Distribution secrets to push your corporate content far and wide
2:30–4:30 p.m.

Harness collaboration’s power: How to make your writers and designers more productive together  

You don’t have to argue about the next piece of corporate content: Your writers and designers can and will work together. Whether it’s an annual report, employee newsletter or social media post, you can improve the quality and effectiveness of your corporate content with a 10-step process. Bob Zeni will show you the best way to combine a writer’s skills and a designer’s talent. He’ll also share collaboration secrets to help you craft compelling content that grabs your audiences (both internal and external), effectively conveys your messages and leaves lasting impact.

In this hands-on workshop, you’ll learn:

  • Why writers and designers think differently—and how you can help them understand each other
  • The secrets of making your text and images work together
  • How to start the collaboration process—and keep it moving smoothly
  • Phrases you should never say to a designer (or a writer)
  • How to connect text to imagesthat compel employees, partners and consumers to click
Bob Zeni & Associates
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