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Thursday, Sep. 28

7:15–8:15 a.m.
Sponsored breakfast session

Developing authentic video storytelling that leads to consumer engagement

This how-to session will explore the path that leading brands are taking to develop authentic videos that align with brand messaging and also engage audiences. Through real-world examples, you’ll learn how brands are successfully developing stories that engage rather than disrupt during the sales cycle.

In this session you’ll learn how to:

  • Identify conflicting brand attributes and define the space for video storytelling to play a role
  • Explore the right balance of brand messaging and storytelling for optimal results
  • Find unique story angles and explore ways of discovering distinctive and authentic voices, including influencers and brand enthusiasts
  • Develop content franchises that lead with emotion but can still work within larger promotional campaigns
Vice president, visual innovation and executive producer
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8:30–9:30 a.m.
Opening keynote

Reach new audiences through digital storytelling—and change the way people view your brand

If you were restarting your communications office today, would it look the same as it did just a few years ago? Probably not. How people consume information is radically different today, and NASA is working to support and drive this initiative to share the space agency’s powerful story with a worldwide audience. In this session we’ll explore what that paradigm-shifting strategy looks like. John Yembrick is the chief of NASA’s new digital communications division, which breaks down previous silos and merges NASA Television, social media and the agency’s website into one office. Through these channels, his mission is “to bring space down to Earth” for everyone, informing a new generation about the wonders of space exploration. Attendees will be inspired to view their own brands through fresh eyes and explore uncharted territory to reach a broad audience through digital communications and storytelling.

In this opening keynote, you will learn how to:

  • Transform into a digital organization that makes employees think differently about their jobs
  • Break down office walls and persuade employees to work together toward common goals
  • Become a nimble storyteller in the digital world by taking communications directly to the people
  • Coordinate content across multiple locations and platforms
  • Package content to inspire and engage an audience
  • Elevate the public from passive observers to active participants
  • Take the online experience offline and give followers an in-person experience
  • Engage with influencers and generate user-generated content to tell your story
  • Organize vast amounts of content across multiple websites and 500+ social media accounts
Chief of digital communications
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9:40–10:30 a.m.

Scale your storytelling to gain resources and secure leadership support

In just two years Cleveland Clinic has grown its content marketing team from three people to 25. You’ll hear how and why this rapid growth occurred and what steps you can take to secure the resources you need to scale your storytelling capabilities.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Develop a killer content strategy based on buyer personas and data
  • Use data to take your content distribution tactics to a higher level
  • Identify what you need in your toolbox to measure storytelling success
  • Focus on what metrics and insights to share with your leadership to get the resources you need
  • Understand what types of people you need on your team to deliver amazing content everyday
Director of content marketing
Cleveland Clinic
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10:40–11:30 a.m.
Special keynote

Brand publishing – the good, the bad and the undiscovered content

Clicks and misses from one of the world’s best known brands

The Coca-Cola Company launched its digital magazine, Coca-Cola Journey, to directly reach and engage key audiences with stories about its business, brands and people.  Hear what has worked, and what hasn’t as the Company has drawn key learnings from expanding its digital storytelling platform from one global site in 2012 to localized versions in nearly 50 countries today.

Vice president, corporate communications
The Coca-Cola Company
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11:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m.

Networking lunch

12:30–1:20 p.m.

Your story is a symphony: Treating each asset as an instrument

The aviation industry is often likened to an orchestra, where every instrument has to be present, pitch perfect, on tempo and in concert with its counterparts. Southwest Airlines treats content the same way, handling every video clip or picture as its own performance and each channel as its own venue, each catering to a different type of music lover.

During this session you’ll learn how to:

  • Create content pillars that serve different needs
  • Design content for diverse audiences out of the same root asset
  • Breathe life into underserved areas of the business
  • Learn how to simultaneously boost your reputation and make money
  • Translate your data into a figurative sheet of music that others within your organization can play
Social business advisor
Southwest Airlines
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1:30–2:20 p.m.

Give your content more momentum—and measure the impact

Do you feel pressure to deliver more and more content? What if you could focus less on volume and concentrate instead on delivering more of the content that works? By telling a strong story that aligns with your marketing and business goals, you can build a content program that drives momentum and achieves measurable results.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Connect elements of your marketing and product strategy to create a compelling narrative
  • Create a content plan anchored in strong storytelling
  • Repurpose content to get more bang for your buck and win better support for your showcase piece
  • Map out a publishing and distribution schedule to build momentum toward a launch moment
  • Use analytics to measure the impact of your content and look for areas of optimization
Content marketing lead
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2:30–3:10 p.m.

Finding the connective tissue in your brand story

Great storytelling rests on finding common threads that tie your brand to every product, service area or line of business in your organization. By identifying and integrating those threads into brand stories, great content can become a coherent and powerful driver of business value for brands. We’ll draw on lessons learned from working with major brands—what worked and what didn’t in finding and developing their “connective tissue.”

In this session you’ll learn about:

  • Developing common brand pillars and connecting them to story themes
  • Applying those story themes across your diverse product and message strategies
  • Identifying the white space within the market where your storytelling can thrive
  • What’s worked and what hasn’t from real brand engagements across industries
Senior vice president and chief strategy officer
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3:10–3:30 p.m.

Networking break

3:30–4:20 p.m.

Multigenerational storytelling that captures all your audiences

One size does not fit all for telling your brand’s story. Now more than ever, your audience is segmented by generation. How do you capture the attention of the seasoned executive, the up-and-coming millennial and everyone else in between? Kirsten Chiala, digital content lead for Cisco, will break it down for you. Chiala will explain strategies to engage a range of ages and offer tips and advice you can apply to your organization.

You will learn:

  • How to map content by audience
  • How to work with influencers to make content more engaging for your target audience
  • How to pick the right type of content for specific age groups
  • What turns millennials off
Digital content manager
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4:30–5:30 p.m.

Turn your employees into storytellers: How to create a culture of content within your organization

Your best stories come from within your organization, and your best storytellers are your employees. The challenge is how to foster a culture that allows your most passionate brand ambassadors to emerge, thrive and create great content.

During this panel discussion, you will learn how to:

  • Identify—and successfully recruit—thought leaders across your organization
  • Empower employees to become storytellers and encourage them to surprise you with their stories
  • Develop personalities and address cultural concerns about creating “stars”
  • Coach employees on writing commentaries and other expert articles
  • Build an in-house content team and create a distribution plan for content
  • Master new technologies and personalize content for your audience
Content strategy & PR manager
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Director of executive communications
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Editor in chief
GE Reports
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Global editor in chief
Coca-Cola Journey
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5:30–7:30 p.m.

Networking cocktail party, hosted by Coca-Cola Journey

Friday, Sep. 29

7:15–8:15 a.m.
Sponsored breakfast session

The ultimate storyteller: The engaged employee

Today’s employees are on mobile and social media, and they’re telling your story. It’s the engaged employee who tells it the right way, though. Author, influencer and social media expert Ted Rubin will join Robyn Hannah, senior director of communications at Dynamic Signal, in a fireside chat to discuss how you can create an engaged workforce of powerful storytellers through relevant and frequent communication that meets your employees wherever they are.

You’ll learn:

  • How to make your employees your most informed, powerful advocates and storytellers
  • How to ensure your workforce is staying on brand and on message across every touchpoint
  • Why an authentic voice from your employees matters to customers, prospects and the industry
  • How to empower your mobile-centric employees
  • Why it’s crucial for internal and external communication teams to work together
Senior director of global communications
Dynamic Signal
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Brand Innovators
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8:30–9:20 a.m.

Visual storytelling: The great brand equalizer

How many articles have you read telling you video and visual storytelling is the single most effective way to grow and retain a loyal audience? Hundreds? THOUSANDS? But you can’t just hit record and expect results. Acquiring and retaining an audience using video takes skill, strategy, timing, creativity, and yes, money. But you don’t have to be a massive corporation with unlimited resources. In this session, you’ll get a crash course on where to start (or how to fix) your video storytelling and why it’s the little details that really endear you to an audience.

You’ll learn:

  • The five key elements that make your video resonate with an audience
  • Formats, timing and trends: social platform best practices
  • Why the trend of full-scale “pivoting to video” will end in brand heartache
Content strategist, writer, filmmaker and producer
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9:30–10:20 a.m.

Social media “war rooms”—where they’re heading and how to make your data actionable

Head of marketing communications
Barilla America
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Senior manager of content and platform strategy
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Group Director, Social Center
The Coca-Cola Company
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10:30–11:10 a.m.

Working effectively: How the best brands behave

Discover the simple behaviors and practices of today’s best marketing teams, including AirBNB, Starbucks, NASA, Intel and others. Learn how they have transformed the way they work to meet the demands of the modern market.

In this session you’ll:

  • Hear new research on the shared behaviors that the most effective marketing teams have in common
  • Gain proven tips and tactics that will help you bring your strategies to life
  • Learn the best practices of the world’s leading brands to improve how you work
Director of strategy
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11:20–11:30 a.m.

Closing remarks with Mark Ragan, CEO of Ragan Communications, Inc.

Ragan Communications, Inc.
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11:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m.

Show Me: How brilliant brands craft video stories that inspire action

Yeah, we know, video is big. There are live videos and pre-roll ads. We can create long-form video and short-form Snaps or Instagram. But how do we get the most out of the video we create? How do we create content that inspires a real outcome?

What happens when you think like a television executive?

In this exhilarating closing keynote presentation, author and former television producer Andrew Davis will teach us the five secrets to telling stories that inspire action. You’ll learn how to build suspense and foster aspiration. He’ll encourage you to own the entire consumer journey by creating moments of inspiration. Davis will uncover how, and why, some of the world’s most successful video stories work and what we can learn from them.

You’ll walk away ready to create your own moments that inspire new customers and clients to act in predictable and repeatable ways that drive big revenue.

It’s time to stop telling people what we do and start showing them.

Brandscaping: Unleashing the Power of Partnerships
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